What You Need to Know About Airport Security

Each and every one of the security measures we implement serves an important goal; providing safe and secure air travel for the thousands of people who rely on our security system every day.


What exactly is passenger and carry-on baggage screening detailed listed below:

  • Present your ticket at entry gate to ASF staff and carry your photo identity (CNIC or Passport) for producing on demand
  • Ensure that your baggage has been packed by you or examined by you personally
  • Refusal to undergo security inspection and screening will deny boarding and traveling to your destination
  • Licensed weapon is allowed in hold baggage only, provided it is declared before screening at first security check point
  • Ensure unlicensed weapons/ammunition and explosive or contraband items like narcotics are not contained in your baggage or on your person.Suspected baggage is subject to manual search
  • While packing electrical/electronic gadgets in your hold baggage, ensure that batteries are removed and placed separately
  • Don’t accept any thing from any unknown person during traveling


  • Present Airport Entry Pass to ASF duty staff while entering in restricted area of airport
  • Keep displaying the Airport Entry Pass on chest height of the outer garment while in restricted area of airport Use designated entry/exit points
  • Do not enter or attempt to enter the area not mentioned on your Airport Entry Pass (AEP)
  • Do not use the Airport Entry Pass issued to perform official duty for private protocol to passengers as its misuse of the pass will lead to confiscation/cancellation of the pass
  • Safe custody of the Airport Entry Pass is the responsibility of the person to whom it is issued
  • Immediately report loss of Airport Entry Pass to your department and HQ ASF besides lodging FIR with concerned Police Station
  • Present your self at security check point for search/ frisking


  • Minimum number of meeters/ greeters should come to the airport to see-off or receive
  • Keep your NIC or other photo identity while visiting airport
  • Be sure that any kind of fire arm, ammunition, explosive or contraband item is not on your person or in your baggage/vehicle
  • Be aware of criminals at the airport and help ASF to identify them
  • Don’t leave any thing unattended
  • If you observe any thing unattended inform ASF staff on duty

Vehicle User/Owner in Parking Area

  • Keep the vehicle registration book & driving licence while driving a car/parking the same in airport premises
  • Drills and drill bits, including cordless portable power drills
  • Understand the philosophy of vehicle search and accept the same as positive gesture for your security
  • Do not leave your vehicle parked in car park for longer duration without information/consent of car park contractor
  • Do not park your vehicle in No-parking area. Such vehicles are immediately removed through fork lifter which beside levying penalty may also cause some damage to your vehicle
  • Observe drop lane discipline – do not park in the drop lane

Common to All

  • Security is everybody’s business
  • Adhere to Airport Security instructions issued from time to time
  • Cooperation with Airports Security Force is in everybody’s interest
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended. Unattended baggage is removed and destroyed
  • Do not touch any unattended/suspicious item and inform ASF duty staff immediately about any suspicious item/activity if noticed
  • Joking about security matters can subject you to further inquiry
  • Do not accept any eatables or drinks from any stranger

Passenger Facilitation Desk

As per directives of Federal Ombudsman, ASF has established a Passenger Facilitation Desk to inculcate the passengers about security related queries as per mandate of ASF. For online contact reach now.

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