The motto of ASF “FIRM & Courteous” itself denotes the aim and function of ASF. Firmness is the prime objective of ASF, but being a steady and firm organization, it is essential for ASF to be courteous also. There is a minor difference between these two terminologies which ought to be kept intact for a smooth functioning of the system.

Real firmness is good for any thing; strut is good for nothing. Tasks performed by Airport Security Force are extremely sensitive in their very nature. In accordance with ICAO, role of ASF is of prime and basic importance in security of Civil Aviation Industry to ensure its operations run safely, securely and smoothly. In today’s era when fight against terrorism has been started by our Army to out root this evil menace from our home land. Miscreants are continuously trying to damage their efforts by challenging our security by terrorist attacks as witnessed on June 8, 2014 at Jinnah International Airport Karachi. Airports Security Force accepted this challenge and perform the duties patiently and resort to civilized ways with the consistency. For performing these duties more educated and professionally trained staff is needed, who can differentiate between passengers and terrorists.

Courtesy is the gift of treating other with warmth and respect. It means comfort to the dignity of the people by being considerate, responsive and kind in our dealing with them.

Role of ASF

Although ASF raised in 1976 yet it has very less exposure in the civic society and the common public is not aware of the powers and functions of ASF. Resultantly, they are not cooperating in security related matters, it is a bitter fact that general public is less cooperative with ASF as compared to other law enforcing agencies.

Problems faced by ASF staff during public dealing is elaborative and engulfs different scenarios where we come across real time situations and ASF staff suffers from real problems. ASF was primarily raised to thwart the incidents of hijacking and to fight against criminals but with the passage of time and increasing threats to Aviation Industry the responsibilities on the shoulder of ASF also raised. ASF has to find out culprits amongst the gentleman therefore, ASF has to keep its soft image in the eyes of public by demonstrating friendly attitude.


Being steadfast in Airport Security Force means that we do not compromise on duties and laws related to Aviation Security. The important task assigned by Government of Pakistan to the Airports Security Force should be optimized and performed with full zeal & zest.

The greatest firmness is the greatest mercy

Airports Security Force has special significance of patience in its motto. The duty which would be difficult to bear them with patience. Duty of ASF is to ensure 100% implementation of Aviation Security Rules. The day will come when General Public will understand the need and sensibility of this important job.


Narrated that the Messenger of God Peace Be Upon Him and His Descendants said, “I am sent to complete Code of Courtesy. Event of Taif is a living example set, when Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him and His Descendants had stones thrown at him by wicked Infidels of Taif, filling His Shoes with blood. Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him and His Descendants opted to pray for them to come towards faith.

Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage

Courtesy helps us to remember our manners, not necessarily in a traditional formalized sense, but in the way we regularly and sincerely express gratitude, thoughtfully acknowledge feelings, and offer true hospitality. Courtesy facilitates successful interaction and negotiation, generously laying a foundation for understanding and harmony.

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