Access Control of Persons

Identification and search of persons are carried out to see whether prohibited items or other threats are
concealed on a person.


Entry of functionaries of the airports and the employees of the other organizations is regulated by issuing Airport Entry Passes strictly on “Need To Enter Basis”.

For more details see RESPOSNSIBILITY OF AIRPORT ENTRY PASS HOLDER and SECURITY INSTRUCTIONS. Duty Flight Crew Members of the Airlines while operating any particular flight are allowed entry on producing Identity Card issued by concerned authorities.


No visitor is allowed entry into restricted area of the airport except, in exceptional cases such as to see off / receive the passengers on wheel chairs or stretchers and unaccompanied child etc.

Such permission is granted by the respective Chief Security Officer/ Officer Commanding (ASF) during office hours and well before the scheduled arrival or departure of the flight.

Please Note: – Request for such permission can be regretted if security situation so warrants.


Passengers allowed entering into Domestic or International Departure Briefing Area on producing valid ticket along with NIC or Passport as the case may be.

For more details and guidance, see SECURITY INSTRUCTIONS and TRAVELLING CHECK LIST.

Airport Entry Pass (AEP)

Airport Entry Pass is issued to identify the individuals and facilitate access who have a need for authorized
access security restricted area.


Any person who tries to enter a restricted area showing invalid Airport Entry Pass will be arrested without warrant for further investigation and legal action against him.

  • Airport Entry Pass is valid only for the person to whom it is issued and is not transferable except Roving Passes which are for specified departments and not transferable to other departments.
  • Airport Entry Pass is valid for the specified area of airport while on duty, and subject to body/baggage search, except dignitaries exempted from body search.
  • Access to tunnel mouth and adjacent corridor at Karachi and Lahore Airports is forbidden for protocol purpose.

Application Form

Authorized persons can obtain application forms for Airport Entry Pass (AEP) Section at Airports.

  • Departmental covering letter signed by Head of Department/ Authorized Officer.
  • 3 current coloured photographs of passport size 2″ x 1″ (one must be pasted in the space provided in the form).
  • Security Clearance: (for other than Govt. Servants).
  • Intelligence Bureau: Security vetting Performa are required in triplicate.
  • Special Branch Police: Special Branch Police clearance will be obtained by the applicant(s) himself and enclosed with application.
  • Security Clearance: (for Govt. Servants).Certificate to the effect that applicant (s) is/are security cleared by IB/Special Branch Police and in case of involvement of the individual (s) in subversive activities / misconduct, the Head of Dep’t /Nominated officer will be held responsible.
  • Copy of NIC & Departmental Identity Cards duly attested.
  • Copy of undertaking/justification Performa (Elaborate the need of entry).
  • Copy of Posting/Transfer Order/Gazette Notification.


Airport Entry Pass is an accountable document and its safe custody is the responsibility of the person issued with the airport entry pass besides ensuring the following:

  • Display the pass in restricted areas of airports.
  • Use the pass only for the purpose it is issued.
  • The pass should not be photocopied as it is punitive offence under the law.
  • Safe custody of Airport Entry Pass.
  • Adhere to security instructions/rules.
  • Copy of undertaking/justification Performa (Elaborate the need of entry).
  • Copy of Posting/Transfer Order/Gazette Notification.

Access Control of Vehicles

Search and screening of vehicles are carried out to ensure that a vehicle does not carry any unauthorized person or unauthorized
prohibited item when entering airport or security restricted areas.

Vehicles into

Restricted Area

The vehicles, which are required to operate into the security restricted area for the operations of aircrafts/airport, issued with the Vehicle Stickers. Entry of such authorized vehicles are allowed through designated points under proper security controls.

Vehicles into

Car Parking Area

Security of car parking area at airports is responsibility of Airports Security Force. Security Check Posts are established at entrance of the car park and driving lanes etc, subject to checks and search of vehicles. For more details see SEURITY INSTRUCTIONS-VEHICLE USER/ OWNER.

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