Director General - ASF

Major General
Adnan Asif Jah Shad HI (M)

The induction of information technology brought the world on fingertips and made the life of mankind easier.

Taking advantage of this animation, Airports Security Force (ASF) also made an effort to launch its website to facilitate the public intend to visit our airports either for traveling as passenger or to meet and greet their friends and relatives departing from/arriving at the airport. Moreover, the website is also meant to provide them acquaintance with the security procedures being implemented at the airports to ensure security of their lives and property besides safeguarding the civil aviation industry against acts of unlawful interference/terrorism.

It may be appreciated that the security measures taken by ASF might be causing some inconvenience to functionaries, passengers and public yet these are meant for safety of their lives and property. This website will provide a fair chance to u nderstand the ethics of civil aviation security measures vis-a-vis the requirement of strict implementation of these by ASF and adherence by the users of airports facilities. Our enemy is invisible and operates in the garb of sincere functionaries, innocent passengers and emotional visitors. That is why Aviation Security personnel remain in an unending/constant state of alertness against hidden miscreants.

I am sure, this revamped website will not only provide us an opportunity to understand the aviation security requirements and need of its strict implementation & observance in befitting manner but it will also urge on functionaries, passengers and visitors to better understand the assigned task of ASF and their responsibility to pay due regard to aviation security rules, regulations and procedures. ASF will be looking forward to share the valuable feedback of the users of airport facilities, their suggestions and advices for further improvement of aviation security at the Airports of Pakistan.

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