Universal Aviation Security Audit at Karachi Airport in Accordance with ICAO, a renowned agency of the United Nations

A four member team of international auditors from USAP-CMA, led by Mr. Oscar Annabel Rubio, arrived at Karachi on February 18 to conduct a ten-day full scale audit of aviation security protocols. This detailed scrutiny was aimed at enhancing the standards of aviation security through a process of regular evaluation and oversight mechanism. The Civil Aviation Authority carried out a pre-coordination with various aviation entities to facilitate this comprehensive audit. Airports Security Force (ASF), mandated with the paramount responsibility for safeguarding aviation and airports security within Pakistan, executed the entire spectrum of requisite security measures with diligence. It is imperative to note that ASF's pivotal role, as enshrined in its Act of 1975 is to ensure robust and wide ranging security measures at all national airports, upholding law and order, conducting passenger screenings, managing access controls and safeguarding both cargo terminals and the airport's perimeter. In anticipation of this audit, a specialized team from ASF Headquarters undertook a preliminary assessment (Pre-Audit USAP) on the directive of the HQ ASF. The audit was concluded on 27 February 2024. ASF’s core responsibilities such as, access control mechanisms, screening processes, perimeter defense strategies, security training initiatives, and adherence to established rules, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Protocol Questions (PQs) were some the main areas assessed. Chief Security Officer of the ASF provided an in-depth briefing to the audit team on aviation security measures, and the ASF's proficiency and preparedness in managing emergency scenarios at the airport. The auditors meticulously examined the adherence to ICAO's Security and Passenger Facilitation Standards and Recommended Practices, monitored ongoing security operations, inspected access control and passenger screening measures, visited the CCTV surveillance centers, and conducted interviews with the staff.   During the USAP-CMA’s conclusion ceremony, held at the CAA Headquarters on February 27, the audit team commended ASF’s aviation security framework. They affirmed that Pakistan has not merely met but exceeded the newly established ICAO benchmarks for 2023. Furthermore, the security strategies implemented by the ASF were considered as closely aligned with the ICAO's standards for 2030, heralding a significant accolade for Pakistan. Upon the triumphant culmination of this security audit, the Headquarters of Airports Security Force extended heartfelt gratitude to all participating agencies and organizations for their invaluable contribution and unwavering cooperation in achieving this milestone.  

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