Brig Salah ud Din Ayubi

Deputy Director General

With the advancement of modern technologies such as internet, mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices, life of human beings has become more comfortable and easier.

The development of such devices and facilities, has transformed the world into a global villaage, where one’s ideas, experiences and day to day activities can be shared with the people across the world within no time.
The use of online services has increased many folds as citizens are getting more and more information about the government services through online Applications and Channels. Likewise, the government also utilizing the Internet and World Wide Web in delivering and implementing different government programs and services to the citizens.
Online services continue to shape the landscape of the way people communicate and how information is transferred. Accessing different websites is now one of the main Channels people get their required information.
It is very gratifying that ASF has always demonstrated its professionalism at the national and international levels by going through a long and difficult journey and coping with the challenges of different periods.
The Force has proven its excellence in Aviation Security and has succeeded in achieving valuable goals in research and development.
I hope that with the development of this official website, the productivity and efficiency of the Force will improve significantly. It will provide ASF with solutions that streamline communication and collaboration issue within ASF and with other departments and thus high-speed connection will allow the Force to excel in its performance.
In the end, I am confident that every officer and member of the Force will stand firm and invincible in the face of all sorts of challenges and with professionalism in our ranks, we will achieve our goal of being “Firm & Courteous”.

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