ASF Formations

HQs Organizations

Director General articulates command of Airports Security Force from Headquarters ASF located near Karachi Airport and is assisted by Deputy Director General, three Directors and seven Additional Directors. The outline organization of HQ ASF is as under:-

Units and Sub Units

Major Airports = 09
Smaller Airports = 33
Total Airports = 42

Manpower Resourses

ASF started its journey by looking after 07 major airports with a limited manpower of 2870 all ranks. However, with the passage of time, the responsibilities of ASF have been expanded and civil aviation operation enhanced with considerable increase in threat perception which demanded compatible security arrangements at airports. Resultantly ASF manpower has been increased to 8945 all ranks.

Women in ASF

Female officials are an important and active component of the Airports Security Force. They play role in almost all fields and every aspects of civil aviation security. The female officials are imparted training in various fields like Anti-Terrorist, Unarmed Combat, Martial Arts, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Intelligence, Screeners, CCTV Operator, Administrative Duties etc to provide them equal opportunity of employment like male staff. The services of female ASF personnel are utilized as:-

  • Air guard, to provide in-flight security.
  • Instructors, to train other female staff.
  • Screener, to operate the baggage screening machine.
  • Intelligence duties, to provide pre-hand threat information.
  • Computer operators-Office job.

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