About ASF

Mission Statement

Safeguard Civil Aviation Industry of Pakistan against unlawful interference adopting counter terrorism measures, preventing crimes and maintaining law and order within the limits of airports in Pakistan.

Our Vision

Keeping abreast with latest trends in global aviation security and adopting new technologies, develop a highly trained, well equipped and motivated Airports Security Force in order to meet international standards of aviation security and counter, growing terrorism and crime against aviation industry in Pakistan. Vision is to improve the standard of aviation security in Pakistan. The key to AVSEC is reliability which is prioritized as

Human Reliability - Technical Reliability - System Reliability


In the late 60s, of the preceding century civil aviation industry endured worldwide shocks of violence and sustained criminal attacks at the hands of terrorists. Initially the overall response to onslaught of developing crime was varying from the state to state. However, by 1970 the world community recognized the problems of unlawful interference with civil aviation & developed strategy of response through various conventions. Pakistan being signatory to all these conventions created a Force to provide security to civil aviation in Pakistan.

ASF was established in 1976 under ASF Act 1975, initially as the tenth directorate of the Department of Civil Aviation. After the hijacking of PIA aeroplane in March 1981, sensing the contradictory requirements of security and facilitation, ASF was separated in December 1983, and was placed under the folds of Ministry of Defence and now working under the ministry of Aviation Division. ASF started its Journey by managing security of 7 major airports with a limited manpower of 2870 all ranks. Subsequently it was mandated to provide security to all 42 airports in Pakistan with manpower of 8945 personnel.ASF is mandated by Government of Pakistan to ensure security at airports in accordance with standards set forth by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Legal Functions & Authorities Under ASF Act 1975


  • Security of all airports, aerodromes and civil aviation installations against acts of unlawful interference or threats of such interference.

  • Security of all structures, equipment, material and installations belonging to operators and other Government or non Government organizations.

  • Security of aircrafts, passengers, cargo and mail.

  • Proper conduct of persons at the airports and aerodromes including control of surface vehicles.

  • General maintenance of law and order within the limits of airports and aerodromes in conjunction with the Police and taking cognizance of all offences committed at the airports and aerodromes under any law for the time being in Force.

  • Such other functions which the Federal Government may require the Force to perform.


  • Search and arrest without warrant of any person suspected of endangering or attempting to endanger, or having endangered, the safety of any aerodrome or airport or an aircraft or a civil aviation installation and may use such force as may be necessary in the discharge of duties.

  • An officer for the purpose of this Act, shall exercise, within the areas in which this act applies, all the powers conferred on an officer in-charge of a Police Station under the Police Act 1861 (V of 1861) and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 (Act V of 1898).

Core Values

Operational Readiness- Proactive Approach

Apprehend the situation and exercise effective measures in all operational matters.

Zero Tolerance-High Standard of Discipline

Perform duty with discipline courtesy and firmness. Cases of ill discipline and misconduct are dealt severely.

Integrity-No Corruption

Proper supervision, guidance and training to ensure display of high moral values.

Firmness and Courtesy-Good Public Image

Accomplish the mandated task in most professional manner.

Continuous Improvement -Quest for Excellence

Always looking for betterment and improvement of aviation security procedures.

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